Kaka Empire’s Kamtupe Premieres In Los Angeles

The Kenyan movie Kamptupe premiered in Los Angeles on October 27 at The Comedy Nook.

The Kaka Empire’s first film was shown to an exclusive audience at Comedy Nook, a black-owned space that promotes arts in Hollywood.

On socials, King Kaka celebrated the fete by saying: “And Yes Our Movie Kamptupe is showing in Hollywood.”

Released early this year, Kamtupe is a collaboration between Kaka Empire and Ambition Media House that tells the story of a government official trying to locate his relative who lives in a bad neighborhood and lost his laptop to thugs.

The laptop, which belongs to the official, has crucial government info that in case leaked, can spark a civil war in the country.

Kamtupe was written and directed by King Kaka and includes music from him Otile Brown, Femi One, Kanambo Dede, Mbithi and Jadi. News anchor Jeff Koinange voices the film.

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