Kahush & Chris Kaiga’s Banger Mastingo Gets A Copyright Strike

Rappers Kahush and Chris Kaiga are the latest Kenyan artistes to get a YouTube Copyright strike after their hit song Mastingo was pulled down due to copyright claims. The complainant named Scorpio filed the claim a month after the highly anticipated song was dropped.

While the exact reason behind this copyright strike is yet to be established, there is no doubt that Mastingo was the perfect flex anthem. This banger was well received by fans and it trended during its release. The track which brought together two of the most talented new generation Kenyan artistes and even landed the coveted spot in the music reviews by popular YouTuber That Fire LA where he certified it as a big tune.

Mastingo’s high-quality visuals were simple but served the ultimate sophistication. From the trendy fashion to the dancing and fooling around scenes, the music video was properly thought out and creatively executed. The up-tempo beats and lyrical flow of the performers made it a fan favorite for dance challenges online.

Both Chris Kaiga and Kahush are yet to comment on the Copyright Strike. The rappers still have Mastingo’s promotional materials on their respective Instagram handles. They join the likes of Nadia Mukami and Bahati who have received this dreaded strike in the recent past.

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