Kagwe Sings An Ode To His African Lady (Listen)

He has been releasing music non-stop ever since he joined the Taurus Musik staple, and Kagwe Mungai doesn’t seem like he’s ready to hop off beast mode any time soon.

His latest release comes right off the back of a collaborative tune that has had people buzzing over the past couple of weeks – “Kama Kawaida” alongside Mayonde, Fena and Muthoni The Drummer Queen.

He now introduces us to “African Lady” – a tune that praises the beauty, majesty and everything good about women of the continent, and of course how much he appreciates her and wants to do her right. I usually get a little tired of cliches like these in songs, but I think this kind of style works well for Kagwe, and he seems genuine as he goes through the motions of the lyrics. There is a definite heavy West African influence in the music and that will almost certainly dictate your views on it as a whole.

Check it out:

Hes just returned home from the USA where he was trying to expand and solidify his fan base – and its so refreshing to see an artist at a label that works to build his brand.

Taurus has been killing it with the other major artist on their staple, Dela. She was recently in the UK showing off her singing and performance chops. And in the two or so years she’s been at the label, we’ve seen exactly what that kind of commitment to craft can do.

Back to Kagwe and cue the African Lady video. According to Taurus: “the modern day fairy tale tells the story of Kagwe and Malaika who are deeply in love. The romance stretches through the tear-jerking trials and tribulations of college life and young adulthood and it’s not until the end that we get to see just what it is Kagwe has been up to this whole time — and it might just be the most romantic thing in the entire world!… ”

I’m probably an anomaly in that videos don’t really boost my views about a song in that huge way, but I have to give it to Kagwe on this one. He’s bringing his A Game and showing that he wants this music thing as badly, if not more than the next man.

The video was shot by Stanz Visuals, a top Nigerian director and was packaged to appeal to the regional and international music market. It showcases the beauty of Kenya through the Massai dancers and costumes, crafts, panoramic view points and sexy swim shots all taken at the Olepolos Country Club.

How do you feel about this one!

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