Kabi Wajesus Explains How Working With Small Brands Is Now Paying Big

While it’s every influencer’s dream to work with big brands that pay top dollar, digital content creator  Kabi Wa Jesus also believes aligning yourself with small, promising brands is just as good.

Or even better.

The popular influencer revealed that he partnered with small brands instead of the conventional way of going for the big brands, and how now they have grown in turn paying him even better.

“We lifted the humble brands and right now they can pay us well. The only big brand we worked with is Bonfire,” he said while speaking in an interview with Vincent Mboya.

“In a month, the least we can work with is 30 brands, but in peak season, there are even more.”

Kabi, who is among the most followed celebrities on social media, has over 550k subscribers on his family’s YouTube channel.

Other than recently revealing that he might be joining radio soon, Kabi said that he has politics in his mind and even thought of joining in 2022 but was advised against it.

“I wanted to vie but I was advised by older people not to rush. They gave me a strategy and that is what we are working on,” he said.

“I look at politics from a leadership perspective. I want to influence decisions and legislation. I want to bring the Godly aspect into the political world.”

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