Just Ivy’s Goal In 2024 Is To Watch Her Unhealthy Relationship With Social Media

Kenyan influencer Just Ivy recently delved into a self-reflective exploration of her relationship with social media, shedding light on a struggle that resonates with many influencers and individuals.

In a video shared on her social media platforms, the mother of two disclosed her recognition of an unhealthy pattern evolving in her social media usage, vowing to address it in 2024.

“I have been contemplating my relationship with social media, and it’s weird. I am starting to see that it’s becoming a bit unhealthy,” expressed Just Ivy.

Acknowledging the shift in her behavior, she noted, “I am on my phone more, I am comparing more, it’s even evoking feelings of jealousy. I constantly have this fear of missing out. It feels like if I don’t see who has posted what, it’s like I am not in tune with current affairs.”

The fear of missing out on updates and events was identified as a potent driver for excessive screen time.

Additionally, Just Ivy shared her realization that the pressure to maintain visibility on social media has negatively impacted her perception of success. “I feel like if I am not visible enough on social media, then I am not successful. It feels like you have to be seen for your work to be equated to success,” she remarked.

The former ‘Over 25’ host expressed admiration for those who successfully detach from the constant influx of social media stimuli, expressing her intention to explore such detachment more in the upcoming year.

Renowned for her content creation, particularly in financial literacy, Just Ivy previously shared tips on balancing earnings for content creators. Emphasizing the importance of trust as a unique currency for creators, she advised against contrived content and encouraged authenticity to build a notable brand.

Sharing her journey into content creation, she highlighted her three-year plan, focusing initially on building trust with the audience and clients. Once trust was established, she moved to the next step of balancing her earnings and negotiating long-term partnerships in the gig economy.

“I have goals, so I invest towards those goals. My intention is to retire at 45, and if I will be doing content then, it will be out of passion, not because I need the job,” she concluded.

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