Just A Band’s Blinky Bill teams up with Russian Producer Mitya Burmistrov

Over the years Kenya’s Just A Band front man Blinky Bill has recently came through with some interesting surprise collabos of his own, including a somber electro-cloudy collaboration with Russian producer Mitya Burmistrov (and also featuring Malabika).

Asked to shed light on how the new “Raindrop” track came about. Bill said the two are good friends and met in the States during OneBeat for which they were both involved in. OneBeat, which Bill took part in back in 2013 along with BLK JKS‘ Mpumi Mcata, is a one-month project that brings musicians from across the globe to the U.S. to collaborate, produce and perform original tracks. It was a last year’s OneBeat in Florida that Bill and Mitya formed a project, which they gave the working title of “Sexy Helicopters” (though the name could change), and recorded their first track together in September. According to Bill, they have plans to release more tracks soon and are looking to shoot a video for “Raindrop.” They’re also hoping to put an EP out this year. And as for Just A Band, “JAB is busy as well, working on some new videos from Sorry for the Delay as we also prepare some new music in studio and hop on tour,” says Bill. Until then, listen to Kenyan/Russian powerhouse collab “Raindrop” below.

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