Just A Band teams up with ATL’s Go Dreamer for new track

Story by KillaKam of OkayAfrica

In a new Player Xchange series Okayplayer have teamed up with their sister site Okayafrican to bring together diaspora acts and artists from the US to create an original song recorded at Converse Rubber Tracks.

In their second installment, Kenyan futuristic-pop group Just A Band — the gang behind Kenya’s first viral hit — have hooked up with ATL’s shape-shifting rapper Go Dreamer. The two came out of the studio with “Digitize Me (Conventional Oven),” a fuzzy, beatboxed gem that blends Dreamer and JAB’s unconventional quirks. Watch a behind-the-scenes video chronicling the creation of the song and download “Digitize Me (Conventional Oven)” below.


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