Junior Nyong’o and June Gachui Star in 2D Animated Series, “Twende”

Junior Nyongo’ is the star of the animated series, Twende. This is the first Showmax Original 2D animated series. In an industry first, the show takes viewers on a captivating journey through the bustling streets of a fictional East African city, where they meet Twende, a boda boda-driving pangolin.


Twende, (played by Junior Nyong’o), the lovable protagonist of the series, epitomizes the slow and steady pace of pangolins, the slowest-moving creatures in the Savannah. Despite his leisurely demeanor, Twende serves as a boda boda driver in the vibrant city of Milima. This is a juxtaposition that forms the basis of many comedic and heartwarming moments in the show.

Twende Voice Cast

Apart from Junior Nyong’o, the series boasts an all-Kenyan voice cast. June Gachui plays Twende’s unlikely best friend and navigator, Nuru – a whip-smart bird who always looks out for her bestie. Kalasha Awards nominee Elsaphan Njora voices Boss. The perennially broke and exhausted hyena who owns the boda boda agency where Nuru and Twende work.

Additionally, the stellar voice cast ensemble also includes ‘Crime and Justice’  actor Charles Ouda as showy stunt driver Kimbe and ‘Mali’ actress Mkamzee Mwatela as Boss’s rival, Madam Mongoose, CEO of the evil tech empire Goober. Also listen out for Kalasha Awards winner Nyokabi Macharia, ‘Second Family’s’ Joyce Musoke, and seasoned voice actor and director Khaemba W. Edward.

According to Showmax, this heartwarming tale premieres exclusively on Showmax on December 4, 2023. Twende sheds light on the life of pangolins, the world’s most trafficked animal, emphasizing the urgent need for their protection.

A Unique Tale of Friendship and Conservation

While Twende’s adventures have a lot of humor and entertainment, the underlying message of the series is a somber reality. Pangolins are endangered species, facing the threat of extinction due to illegal wildlife trade. Additionally, Twende’s unlikely friendship with Nuru, adds depth to the narrative, as they navigate the challenges of life together.


The show’s creators, Charlie and Regan Maas, alongside a talented team of African writers, animators, and directors, have crafted a compelling storyline. One that not only entertains but also educates viewers about the importance of wildlife conservation.

Twende marks a significant milestone in African animation, being the first 2D animated series of its scale and quality produced almost entirely on the continent. It is a collaboration between London-based Braintrust and Johannesburg-based Mind’s Eye Creative.

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