June Gachui’s 12 Days of Christmas

The first time I saw a June Gachui performance was at the Phoenix Theatre. The play was Willy Russel’s Shirley Valentine, a one woman show, comedy mind you, that focuses on a middle aged woman’s life before and after she goes on holiday abroad. June was fantastic. She drew you in and kept you glued, intricately weaving a tale of marriage, and life, and children and finding yourself. You couldn’t help but get lost in it.

The next time I saw her on stage was singing some amazing Zilizopendwa at a wedding and again, I was in awe. June is phenomenal on stage, both as an actress and a musician, something we can attribute to time spent honing that skill training at the Real Music School, the Kenya Conservatoire of Music, performing in musicals at St. Mary’s School Nairobi then later on, during her University days, at weddings, clubs, parties and restaurants.


During her time pursuing a law degree June says, speaking to the Daily Nation, “I used to be called the singing lawyer. And people used to joke: ‘Oh, that’s what you do when you’re losing in court? You start singing so the judge rules in your favour?’ But interestingly enough, I never went into practice.”Even while pursuing her Master’s degree in Intellectual Property Law from the George Washington University in the US, Music was still a big passion and so it was inevitable that something would come of it.

It was on the 30th Aug, when June launched her album, Twenty Years. An array of songs that were representative of experiences and times, feelings and emotions that stayed with her during the 20yrs leading up to this moment. JKenyua described the show saying “The leather was tight, the heels were high and she just grew into the show.”

June’s “Nyummy Music” from the album, Twenty Years, is available online on her website but also as it is the season to be jolly, here’s the announcement June made on Facebook last week, “In that holiday spirit – let me look into my bag of tricks…here we go! I shall be sharing a track a day from my album #TWENTYYears for you to enjoy the #Nyummy during this holiday season!” June’s 12 Days of Christmas has her sharing a track a day for you to enjoy plus a link to buy the single!

4 songs down, a couple more to go, follow June on Facebook and have a listen to her amazing offering here.

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