Julie Gichuru Pays Homage To Tupac

It’s not a secret Julie Gichuru is a huge fan of Hip hop. By Hip hop here we mean Old-school hip hop and not the new age Trap music kids are obsessed with nowadays

She’s 44 years old and is among the many from generation X that enjoyed the Golden age hip hop in the mid/late 1980s and early 1990s.

The former TV news anchor paid homage to Tupac during the 22nd anniversary of his death, wishing the rapper lived longer.

“I wish we could have seen him grow older, have children, mentor, lead,” said Gichuru who posted a few photos from the rapper on his timeline and explained how she was shocked beyond words after his death.

“I will never forget my close friend calling me up at 5 am in the UK to tell me Pac was dead. I was working three jobs at the time and sleep was precious, but she was weeping and I needed to comfort her. It was the second time he was shot, multiple gunshots both times, guess we thought he was infallible and would make it through again. He didn’t.”

Tupac was shot down in a drive-by on a Las Vegas strip on September 7, 1996, and was under a medically induced coma for six days before dying from internal bleeding on September 13, 1996.

He was only 25 years old.

It’s a day many, not just Gichuru, will live to remember. Gichuru reflected on the path the rapper had trailed off into before getting shot.

“I had been annoyed at his willingness to keep walking the dark side. It seemed this was inevitable, and as a fan who followed his work from the movie Juice, before he became a big rapper, it was frustrating,” said Gichuru. 

After all these years, the mystery remains over the night he died, including the widely popular theory that he’s still alive. It breaks Gichuru’s heart that the world lost such talent.

“I saw so much brilliance and potential, and now it was just gone. But he was on fire and he could not stop the heat from emitting… Who were we to choose his path? His weapons were pen and paper and he loved them, as I do. His words were powerful, his emotions raw, his intellect – razor sharp. We were not ready to let him go, but it was the life he chose.” she said. 



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