Juliani’s ‘One Day’ Concert Was Simply Epic! And Kenyans Loved It

The weekend had a lot going on. Our beloved president dashed our hopes of freeing the country from the lockdown, and instead added 3 more weeks to it. That means we still have to figure a way to stay entertained.

Legendary Hip-hop artist, activist and a living legend Juliani was all set with his ‘One Day’ online concert which was streamed on Youtube and Facebook on Sunday night. Thousands of fans were amped for this and the comment section was literally on fire.

Sharing the stage with the ‘Parrot band’ Juliani kicked off the show with the jam “RBG’ that gets us into his world, activism, hood politics and street consciousness. He went on to perform other songs off his albums, Mtaa Mentality, Utawala and Exponential Potential.

Juliani’s catalogue is deep, very informative and filled with thought-provoking street wisdom. When you watch him live on set where he slows down the beats and allows you to hear him, you get to digest and appreciate his rap. From the gospel pieces like “Friend Request’ to the political statements like ‘Utawala’ and motivational takes like ‘Si Sisi’, the man is a walking myth that needs to be analysed.

During the live hour and a half, he prayed for the audience, remembered those whose lives were abruptly cut short by the police, challenged all Kenyans to demand a better Kenya through the ballot box. In a Juliani concert, you walk away content, challenged, and in awe – as the man is a phenomenon, and that is exactly what he gave his fans on this concert. He closed out the show with ‘Exponential Potential’ and thanked the entire team for the time.

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