Juliani Surprised Nairobi with an Impromptu City Hall Performance

Rapper and agricultural activist Juliani shut down a street in Nairobi on Sunday as he launched his new album “Exponential Potential.” The entire City Hall Way in the Central Business District was cordoned off for the concert and a temporal stage was set up right in front of City Hall.

Before the performance, Juliani shone a light on some new artists, including Dandora Hip Hop Crew and Recapp. He also previewed a couple of new videos from his upcoming album “Jehovah.” The visually stunning video for “Pararira” is shot completely in black and white and the Maasai-inspired “One day” is an eccentric piece that you can check out below.


Prior to Juliani taking the stage candles were lit in remembrance of the victims of the Garissa Attack. A moment of silence followed. Juliani then jumped up on stage and, per usual, delivered a high-energy performance that is sure to be remembered by the audience members.


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