Juliani Reveals How He Earned 10-20 Million Yearly At The Peak Of His Musical Career

Hip Hop star Juliani has been featured on several lists among the wealthiest musicians in Kenya. Although some of the estimated figures revealing his net worth might be based on rumors, the artist recently confirmed that he is indeed a millionaire musician and his financial breakthrough can be traced back to 2011.

In a recent interview, Juliani says he used to earn 10 to 20 Million Kenyan shillings every year; an income that was at times generated through his music and from community projects established under his name.

‘Every year I used to make like 10 Million, accumulatively, we’ve been making 10 -20 Million directly or indirectly if we value everything we have been doing and investments” he stated

Some of the projects he is affiliated with include Taka Bank and Dandora hip hop city; which he says is currently independent and does not run on funding. Speaking to RNN, Juliani says he sacrificed his music investments for the sake of these projects.

In 2012, Juliani changed the strategy of running his projects and this saw him generate less income. The artist reveals that he decided to cut off from donors and funding since it became quite hectic to conduct operations.

According to him, this financial success is something he once thought of as impossible considering his humble beginning and the poor background he came from.

Despite the fame and wealth, he has created over the years, the artist maintains that he has learnt to remain humble regardless of the financial status. In relation to his belief in God, Juliani says that what is more relevant to him is the faith he has in God and his worth is based on that foundation.

“I am worth more than what people perceive me to be. My worth is in Christ. You cannot compare my worth with worldly things” he stated

The ‘exponential potential’ hitmaker believes in operating with the faith currency instead of the worldly currency that has a risk of running out.

Juliani started out as a member of the Ukoo Flani Mau Mau group before he got saved in 2005 and singled himself out from the group. In the music scene, he is known for his hit songs Utawala, masterpiece, one day among others.

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