Juliani Reveals Amount You’ll Need To Advertise On His socials

Singer Juliani has revealed how much you’ll need to fork to advertise on his social media platforms in his new rate card.

The gospel rapper, who has advocated for Kenyan creatives, posted the charges on Twitter.

The rate card has three subscription levels.

The first option costs Ksh200,000 per year. The second level, which includes an additional program for online work, is priced at Ksh500,000 per year. The third and most expensive option, for unique services, costs Ksh1 million per year.

Those who subscribe for the first offer which goes for Ksh200,000 per year are offered a 30 percent discount, your ads will be placed on his social networks once every month among other benefits.

On the second feature, the discount comes to 50 percent while your ads are uploaded to their networks twice a month.

Corresponding to the third unit of Ksh1 million per year, the discount is 70 percent. At the same time, every month your business ads are uploaded four times a month, which means every week your ad is aired by Juliani who said he has more than two million followers between the ages of 24 and 35.

Juliani follows Azziad and a few other celebrities who have opted to publicise their rate cards in Kenya.

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