Juliani Launching A “Kenyan Love Story”

The conscious rapper Juliani will be launching a campaign this coming February that’s looking to help Kenya heal.

Dubbed Kenyan Love Story Festival, the 20th of February event will see the artist partner up with his peers in music, along with Government on various counties to celebrate our diversity through music, food and fashion.

The festival will kick off at the Kenyatta International Conference Center and will bring together Gilad, H_Art the Band, Juliani, Mike Rua, Ayrosh, Nyota Ndogo, Mundu Mulusi, Dolla Kabary and other players in the game.

“For a very long time, we have always celebrated Valentine’s day with our loved ones – our girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands, wives. This year and for the very first time, we are adding a different twist to it. We will be leading Kenyans in celebrating our diversity as expressed through music, food and our different cultures,” he says.

“Right now, the country is politically divided and so we are coming together as artistes to find a solution towards spreading love in the country. Next month – February is a month of love, so while we share our love with hubbies, let us also take some time and love our country and people. We have nowhere else to go,” Juliani adds.

Ticket charges for the Kenyan Love Story will go for 1000 (regular) and 5000 for VIP at the door.

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