Jua Cali’s 4th Album Ready For The Streets

One of the pioneers of 254 music industry, Jua Cali is in the studio cooking some bangers. He has been hinting that an Album is in the making and I had a lengthy phone conversation with him on his project.

Known for his distinct style or rap- Genge which embodies the lifestyle of urban youth, sheng lingo and hustler intuition, Jua Cali has stuck to this genre and he says he will not veer off this path. He says in 2016, his new project will be largely Genge sound but if you listen keenly, growth and experimentation will be noted.

His last project TuGenge Yajayo came out in 2013. This year he is working on his 4th Studio Album titled “Mali Ya Uma” (Public Property). The project will hold 12 songs and has no specific release date but he states it is pretty much done.  Expanding the scope of production, he has incorporated new producers in the project. Co-Founder of Calif records Clemo is executive producer and some names like “Barbz on the Track, Elecsik Buda, and Joe all have handled some projects on Mali Ya Uma.

Speaking on Collaborations, Jua Cali had this to say, “This album is largely my sound. I did not work on many collabos. But you can expect at least two. One from Wyre Da Love Child and the second one you will have to wait till the album drops because it is a major surprise. I have been in talks with one of The O.G’s in the game and we worked on something which I’m very excited about”.

So what to expect from the finished project, He said, “I am about to present one of my best works, I will be singing and rapping, content wise expect me to address social issues, love, tourism, our city Nairobi and Coast (to some extent) and look out for bars!”

So far Jua Cali has dropped two singles and they are getting heavy play on the local media platforms. Safi Sana was the first one and this week he released Mwoto Sana. “I have dropped two singles so far in a new fashion. Audio and video drop on the same day, with no prior announcements or major promo. The overall response has been phenomenal. I do not want to be predictable on this project”.

Further probe on whether he will work with the new generation acts in the game, he had this to say. “So far I have not worked with any of the new cats. No one has approached me for such a move but then again I’d like to work with an artist who is level headed as me. I don’t want a case of being in studio with some dude who is star struck. Having me on a track will give you mileage but the ethics to get me on that track matters”.

Finally, I asked him about his opinion on working with Nyashinski, he paused for a bit and whizzed, “You know what, I need to see that through. You are the second person to suggest that and I think Nyashinski and Jua Cali on a track would be crazy, so I will look into that.

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