Jua Cali Reminisces His Experience With American Rapper The Game

The legendary Kenyan genge musician Paul Nunda, famously known as Jua Cali has recalled his encounter with American rapper The Game. 

Through his Twitter account, Jua Cali who has been at the helm of Kenyan music for over two decades noted he received a chance to meet the rapper thanks to an interview organized by MTV in 2008. 

After the interview, Jua Cali revealed that The Game entourage approached him and asked him for a copy of his music, where he handed them his copy of the NgeliYaGenge album. 

“The year is 2008, The Game had just landed in Kenya and there was a press conference at the Norfolk hotel organized by MTV. After the press conference, we took photos and as we were leaving one of the guys in The Game’s entourage approached me,” he said

From this point, Jua Cali revealed that he had an opportunity to link with The Game’s team and met him again two days later during the concert dubbed Road to the MAMAS concert.  He pointed out that the rapper had apparently listened to the album and he liked it. 

Interestingly Jua Cali revealed that during The Game’s performance at the same concert, the former G-Unit rapper surprised him by calling him on stage. 

“After my performance nilirudi kurelax na jamaa backstage as we watched the Game perform, he had a long performance so ikafika mahali nikaanza kuskia the Game akisema “Where JuaCali at?” “Where JuaCali at!!!?” I was like niko sure naskia kitu naskia ama naskia vitu zangu?” he added. 

The Game proceeded to hand him the mic, where Jua Cali performed his chart-topping hit Ngeli ya Genge to a highly receptive crowd. 

“Entourage ya The Game ilikua hyped up mpaka siezi sahau kuna boy wao mmoja alinitap na nguvu kwa shoulder mpaka karibu nidunde offstage,” he said. 

The two musicians later met in Nigeria for the MAMA awards, where The Game wished Jua Cali luck in his future endeavors. 

His tweet got positive reactions from his fans. Most of the fans urged him to have a comeback to inspire the current Gengetone era and teach them on how to make music. Some requested him to hold a concert and make new music for the fans.