Jua Cali On Keeping Kids Out Of Spotlight: They Need to Live Their Own Private Lives

Renowned hip-hop artist and music producer Paul Julius Nunda, popularly known as Jua Cali, has shed light on his choice to keep his family life private on social media and express his aspirations for his children’s future.

In an interview with YouTube content creator Trudy Kitui, the 44-year-old ‘Bidii Yangu’ artist revealed that his decision to maintain a low profile for his family stems from his desire to shield his children from the public eye. He emphasized the importance of allowing them to live their lives independently, free from the influence of their father’s fame.

“While they are my kids, they are also human beings in their own right. They need to live their own private lives. I don’t need to force Jua Cali into them,” voiced the veteran genge artist, emphasizing the need for his family to experience a sense of normalcy.

Jua Cali expressed his hope that his children might choose paths outside the music industry, and even if they decide to pursue music, he asserted that he would support them wholeheartedly. He acknowledged the challenges associated with celebrity lifestyles and emphasized his commitment to shielding his family from such pressures.

“In regard to my family, I want my children to grow without any influence from music… If they want to be musicians, well and good, but I don’t want to expose them to the celebrity life; they are just children. They go to school, and they must live like any other kids,” added the father of three.

While admitting occasional temptations to share glimpses of their joyous moments or achievements, Jua Cali revealed that when he does share, he opts for Instagram stories rather than permanent posts on his page, ensuring a balance between showcasing their lives and preserving their privacy.

“Once in a while, I’ll post them on Insta stories, but I try not to because I want them to live their lives well without unnecessary issues,” explained the artist.

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