Joss Stone Charms Nairobi With Beautiful Spirit

There are a few things in life that we are fairly certain of: that brighter days are always around the corner, that cats make better pets than dogs and that Joss Stone is an out of the world type of singer. You may not know her music well enough to be a fan but the undeniable power and presence she has on stage is a testament to her natural talent as well as her supreme dedication to her craft.

Joss Stone in Kenya was always going to be a niche event. Even the choice of venue (Purdy Arms in Karen) alluded to that. But that wasn’t even a problem for everyone who made plans to attend because we knew it was going to be a great show. Joss has been singing in the public eye since her mid teens and all of the years have honed her style into one if effortless ease. She performs barefoot (even in last night’s awful weather) and she has a carefree way about her that makes her current ‘charity world tour’ seem real and heartfelt.

The gates opened at 4pm with a multitude of acts spanning a variety of genres helping to warm up the crowd. It wasn’t your typical opening show with some of the artists unfamiliar to the crowd but they gave it their all despite some issues with sound engineering. It’s a shame that the mixing (something that could have been easily corrected) detracted from what was a really great concept for live music in Kenya.

Joss pushed through though and engaged with the audience and the overall experience was a positive one – what a gift the joy of music is when a bunch of people are able to vibe off each other.

Her tour may have been short but she managed to fit in as much as she could into the time she spent in Nairobi. Visiting the elephant orphanage as well as keeping up her tradition of performing local songs with local artists in each of the countries she stops over during her ongoing World Tour.

Joss Stone is over 5 albums deep and shows no signs of stopping any time soon!

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