Jose Chameleon, Victoria Kimani Give Their Take On ‘Poor Treatment of Local Artists’

In the last few weeks, Eric Omondi has highlighted how promoters magnify the images of visiting artists and having them perform last at concerts as sending subliminal messaging that visiting artists are bigger than local artists.

He gave an example of Uganda powerhouse; Jose Chameleon.

“In 2017 Jose Chameleon refused to perform in a heavily advertised concert in Kampala after a billboard in Kampala city had a huge Wizkid image and a tiny image of Chameleon beside Wizkid. It’s called subliminal messaging!!!”

The comedian went ahead to explain and urged promoters to change the narrative that visiting artists are always better.

Local Artists on Poor Treatment By Promoters

The debate has drawn mixed reactions.

Jose Chameleon agreed with the comedian, responding;

“Such attitude is demeaning and disrespectful towards the players who keep the industry flourishing, to be placed as underdogs before their own.”

Kenyan songstress based in the US Victoria Kimani also agreed;

“I’m so glad you understood this aspect when we spoke … so many promoters hated me for stating this same exact fact of subliminal messaging in fliers and billboards.” She commented.

Bien however rubbished Eric’s comments stating it’s just a mere ploy to trend.

Play 75% Kenyan Content Protest

To further highlight the debate, the comedian organised a ‘play 75% Kenyan content’ protest at Parliament building on Tuesday, Nov. 16 2021.

The entertainer shared the agenda of the protest;

“Playing 75% local content and equal pay and treatment of local artists.”

He invited his fellow artists to join the protest as well.

He got arrested during the protests and detained at Central police station but later released.