Join Kenyan Foodies in this Unique Virtual Food Festival

Virtual events are the in thing now and this one is for the foodies.

The last few years have seen a rise in food content creators and many types of foodpreneurs in Kenya. Just think of how many virtual restaurants, brands, shops exist today that didn’t a few years ago. More people have also been refining their kitchen skills and trying to eat better or healthier as they stayed at home.

It seems like a perfect time to have an event to celebrate this. The Inter Region Economic Network (IREN) is set to host a virtual food festival through the IREN Growthpad platform. The two-day digital event, which will run from 24th to 25th September aims at re-imagining tourism and food experiences in Kenya.

After publishing a recipe book titled “Chakula Chetu: Indigenous Recipes from the Lake Region of Kenya”, a food festival was supposed to come next but COVID happened. They’ve switched things up and are now ready to host it online. The event will feature Kamukunji sessions as well as the Chakula Chetu recipe challenge where food bloggers and vloggers will have an opportunity to participate, virtual booth exhibitions for relevant food industries, and shelves to showcase books with different recipes.

“At IREN, we recognize how COVID-19 pandemic with its characteristic lockdowns, curfews, and distancing disrupted the hospitality sector. We aim to partner with other organizations to explore digitization and food experiences as part of the recovery strategy for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs),” says James Shikwati, Founder Director IREN. 

Should you want to showcase your skills, content, or products at the festival, reach out to the organizers here.






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