Jimmy Gait On Creating Jobs For 10,000 Kenyans Abroad

Veteran gospel musician Jimmy Gait has revealed that he has taken a break from creating hit songs to focus on his new venture which is creating 10,000 jobs for Kenyans abroad.

Speaking during an exclusive interview with Mpasho, Jimmy Gait said that he had enough time to make headlines in the showbiz industry, and is now focused on helping people.

“I am no longer impressed by celebrity status. I want to be celebrated because of my impact and not the clout around me. I am not interested in showbiz, People only care that you care about them,” he said.
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Jimmy started an Agency for posting people for jobs overseas and his aim is to create 10,000 jobs for Kenyans,

In his new venture, Jimmy Gait helps Kenyans to get jobs in Middle-East countries and others such as USA, Canada and UK.

“Everyone goes through many phases in life, that is what am very passionate about now. I thought of what I can do to help people get good jobs, so I teamed up with good agencies abroad, where we are able to get people good jobs. My vision in the next 2 years is to create 10,000 jobs and success stories,” he explained.

“I decided to provide a platform that people can trust. There is a lot of lying, fraud in such businesses. So I thought of setting up a system that people can trust. It gives me satisfaction to help families. When they are on the other side and call to thank me, I feel good.” 

When asked about his music, he said he hasn’t quit altogether but taken a backseat on that front for now.

“I can’t quit music. I have a studio where I have been recording songs, it is just the time for their release that has not come,” he said.

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