Jermaine Fowler Rocks Kenyan Flag On Coming 2 America [Kenyans React]

Kenyans are thrilled by scenes in the newly released American comedy Coming 2 America in which a Kenyan flag was used as part of the costumes.

Coming 2 America is a continuation of 1988 film which movie enthusiasts will agree is a must-watch not just considering the hype but the fact that the previous film was one of the high-budget Hollywood films back in the day and the rich representation of the black culture.

In the previous film, a story is told of a prince from Africa [Zamunda]  who found love in America Queens which was not in line with the traditional expectation that a wife will be chosen for him. In the sequel Coming 2 America, the Zamundan prince [now King] with 3 daughters discovers that he has a son in Queens and embarks on a journey to train him to become his heir.

The scene that indeed serves as a major highlight for many Kenyans is when the newly found son Lavelle is put on task to obtain lion whiskers to prove his bravery and that he is fit for the throne. He confronts the lion with a Kenyan flag tied on the side of his waist.

In yet another scene, Lavelle is also captured in the Kenyan flag during a ritual circumcision which was his final challenge before being crowned king.

Although a section of Kenyans have questioned the reason behind the flag being used and whether it was even necessary, many seem excited that there is a sense of recognition that comes with it.

Other than the Kenyan flag, there was a strong representation of African culture, tradition and accent which has attracted both praise and criticism from movie lovers.

Have a look at some of the reactions from Kenyans in regard to the use of the Kenyan flag

Lawrence Arap Koech coming 2 America captures the athletics prowess of our world class runners . in this cast the prince on test is being chased by a ferocious lion and he wrapped himself with a kenyan flag . awesome
Nyandusi Nyachae  Yooo Coming 2 America 2 is 🔥🔥🔥 as I watch it with my Queen Tiffany M. Nyachae
but what’s with the Kenyan flag??? 😂😂😂
Jim OnyangoThe worst comedy movie to come off the streets of Hollywood is “Coming 2 America” (Coming to America 2)…The sequel to “Coming To America” fell flat. It was even made worse with the poor attempt at using Kenya’s flag as a shuka/drape costume by one of the actors (Jermaine Fowler)…Probably the worst performance by Eddy Murphy and Wesley Snipes…cameos by Nigerian singer Davido and TV host Trevor Noah only clogs the cast. The plot and the story is shallow too…
Josh Agukoh@ajuadia Nice to see Kenyan flag in Coming 2 America. #najibuniakuwamkenya leso! Wish we were for real here! #KOT #coming2america
The Name’s Glad @GladwellGit_ Lol what is the Kenyan flag doing on Coming 2 America

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