Jennifer Gatero’s Drama Series ‘A Better Life’ Is A Tale Of Hope, Love, And Justice

Jennifer Gatero’s Drama Series ‘A Better Life,’ is a powerful and poignant story centered around a young activist from Nairobi’s largest slum. It explores the corruption and poor justice system and its effects on the slum dwellers.

According to Gatero, she got the inspiration for this series while stuck in traffic around Kibera. The seasoned filmmaker saw apartments that had been built on land that was once part of the slum. The residents had been evacuated with the promise of better shelter. However, upon completion of the project, the apartments were sold or rented out at a market rate that the residents couldn’t afford.

Through her research, Gatero found out that such slum upgrade scandals had happened repeatedly to many people in the city. ‘A Better Life’ thus captures how residents of slums lose their homes and properties in such scandals. It also unmasks the corruption within the system that allows it to happen.

However, at its core, the series is a story about establishment versus anti-establishment, which reflects the current state of Kenya. Gatero notes that Kenya is a country with two opposites; those who support the government and those who oppose it. The series also explores the two contrasting worlds represented by a sweet love story, where young love takes center stage.

A Better Life Cast

The star-crossed love story is led by young actors Stephanie Muchiri and Owen Nyasato. Gatero chose young actors to portray the leads because young love is intense and endearing. It does not take into account what else is at stake.

The series also stars veteran actors such as Ken Ambani, Regina-Re, and Nyakundi Isaboke, alongside a predominantly young cast of newcomers. Jennifer Gatero remarks that she loves working with young actors and newcomers because they have an energetic spirit and are always willing to learn. She further notes that experienced actors like Ambani, Regina-Re, and Isaboke were like mentors to the young actors on set.

A Better Life is a compelling series that tells a powerful story of hope, love, and the fight for justice in Kenya. It is a must-watch for anyone with interest in understanding the complex issues that affect the country’s slum dwellers and the fight for a better life. The series is now streaming on Showmax, with new episodes every Tuesday.

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