Jeff Koinange Opens Up On Growing Up Without A Father

Kenyan journalist Jeff Mwaura Koinange has shed light on his upbringing and how growing up without a father affected him.

In an interview with Grace Msalame on her Mali, the Citizen TV host shared how his father died a few months after he was born thus leaving his mother to take care of him and his three siblings.

“My dad died on March 7th, 1966 when I was just two months old. He left my mother who was 28 years old with four children. My older sister was four, my other sister was two, my brother was one and then there was me. I never knew him,” Koinange shared.

Jeff went on to thank his mom for playing the role of mother and father in his life. He highlighted the difficulties of being a single mother during the 60’s while still managing to take her children to the best school.

“Mum tried hard to be my mentor and guide. When I went out that’s when it hit me, I had no father figure. Something was missing but I had to keep on moving and find something that inspired me, like movie figures, politicians and people I grew up around,” he added.

The TV host further expressed his gratitude in being able to wake up everyday and go to work, noting that there are those that are not fortunate enough to do so.

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