Jason Derulo In Kenya: “African Music Is Taking Over The World”

Kenya has really been getting a lot of global attention. For a moment, 254 seems like Africa’s entertainment hub. Just the other day Damian Marley and Omarion shutdown Nairobi.

And now, Jason Derulo is in town!! (Well, it’s not news anymore, I guess the name sparks excitement). The American pop star has been in Nairobi for a couple of days now recording Coke Studio Africa 2017 and a special episode dubbed “The Global Fusion Edition.”

Speaking at a press briefing held at Sarova Stanley Hotel early in the week, Jason expressed his appreciation for the depth and diversity of African music and how it varies from country to country. “It’s been really cool for me to dive into the different music done by amazing artist from different countries here. The recording process has been really cool because it’s been different with each producer, with each artist, everyone kind of lended their voice and kind of stood forth for their country and representing for the country really well.” He further stated that he’s excited to be here at a time when African music is taking over the world.

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Photos: Anyiko PR