January Polo Action Continues At The Soldier’s Salute Polo Tournament

The January Polo action continued over the weekend at The Soldier’s Salute Polo Tournament. Held at the Nairobi Polo Club, the event saw a great turnout of both new and old fans. Several spectators thronged the venue to cheer on their favorite teams as they battled for the coveted Soldier’s Salute trophy.

Like their supporters, the teams matched their energy by putting on an exhilarating display of skill and strategy. The final match between Tusker Malt and Radio Africa was a nail-biting affair that kept the crowd on the edge of their seats. In the end, Tusker Malt emerged victorious, with a final score of 5 goals to Radio Africa’s 3.5.

Soldier's Salute Polo Tournament

The Soldier’s Salute Polo Tournament

The Soldier’s Salute Polo tournament is named after its convener, Retired Major Jamie Hayward, who donated the trophy in 2016. Since then, it has been a fixture of the January calendar at the Nairobi Polo Club.

Soldier's Salute Polo Tournament
Tournament Convener, Retired Major Jamie Hayward gives his remarks during prize-giving

This tournament has seen an increased number of new polo fans who attend to spectate and learn about the sport. In addition to the sport’s thrill, fans have also created a fashion culture to flaunt their sense of style.

Speaking at the event, the Chief Guest, Captain Nitesh Garg, Defence Attaché at the Indian High Commission in Nairobi, said, “I am impressed with the turnout and enthusiasm at the Soldier’s Salute Polo Tournament. Polo is a sport that requires great skill and discipline, and it is a pleasure to see these qualities on display here today. I encourage sponsors to continue investing in the sport of Polo and to promote it as a way to bring people together.”

The January tournaments conclude next weekend, at the Chairman’s Cup, from the 28th to the 29th at the same venue. Save a date for a celebration of the sport of Polo and fun in the sun.

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