Janet Mbugua’s Heartfelt Message For 2021

Media personality and author, Janet Mbugua has a message for us as we kick off the new year.

2021, maybe a new year, and as normal everyone has so much hope at the beginning of a new chapter, but if we are all a bit honest with ourselves we know this year is no different.

“If you thought 2020 was as bad as it gets, I think that was a dress rehearsal,” she says she felt compelled to share this heartfelt message that is meant to prepare anyone listening and not to scare them.

“The pandemic revealed who we were and also made us desperate in some way… desperate to love, to work, to thrive.”

With 2021 underway, Janet wants everyone to still plan but manage their expectations. She also advises one to “steady their ship!”

She touches on some of what’s been in the news here in Kenya; like children going back to school and learning under trees as well as domestic violence cases which have unfortunately have been on the rise.

Here’s the full video:


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“Continue to chase that dream!” Janet Mbugua

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