Jameson Live with B.o.B

B.o.B tore through the city of Nairobi on Jamhuri Day when the whole country was in the mood to celebrate. Jameson Live was touted to be the event of the year and the truth is Ngong Racecourse was the place to be on Saturday for any music lover. Not only were there brilliant performances lined up, but the DJs had us on our feet the whole night.

However, I couldn’t help but notice a few issues during the event. Firstly, security was lax. Way too lax. During one of the performances a brawl between thieves took place and the security guards ‘patrolling’ the audience totally ignored the situation. Pickpockets and thieves were all over the place, which is expected at any gig but the security honestly couldn’t be bothered.

Secondly, the price of the drinks was ridiculously high. Coming to a Jameson party you would think that at least the Jameson drinks would be subsidized to thank their loyal customer for showing up. Wrong! They were about double the price. I’m still scratching my head on that one.

All else aside, it was a great night full of great acts. Fena’s tune ‘Jabulani’ has to be one of my favorite songs ever, MDQ had so much energy on the stage and she looked gorgeous. King Kaka and Femi One debuted a new track, Blinky Bill brought one of my favorite rappers Abbas Kubaff on the stage and Just A Band just killed their performances. The energy was right and the mood was set for the rest of the concert.

B.o.B then came up draped in the Kenyan flag and gave us all that we were waiting for; a little bit of introspection and a whole lot of party. He performed some songs from his recent mixtape ‘Water’ for the first time ever including ‘Coldbwoy’ which is one of my favorite from the project. After his electrifying performance, he came back for an encore, for about an extra hour.

Check out the pictures from the night below and Q&A session for more insight on B.o.B


4.B.o.B Electrified performance indeed!

3.Just A Band

Photos by Lizzie Farida

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