Jamaican Reggae Star Etana Features Wyre, Naiboi On 8th Album

Reggae and dancehall singer and songwriter Etana has featured singer Wyre and Naiboi on her upcoming 8th studio album.

The Jamaican singer also surprised many by adding that the album will have the Swahili name “Pamoja”.

“My 8th studio album is called Pamoja. means together. It’s an album featuring many great artists you know and love. Some you may even grow to love or love more. it’s time to get together,” she said on Twitter.

The singer, who confessed her deep love for Kenya like many other Jamaican singers, added that more surprises will come later as the album nears release.

“Etana name one Kenyan artist on your album. Etana’s response; “I will name 2, Nai Boi and Wyre and there is more”. Then she smiles.” she wrote.



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