Jalang’o Comes Under Fire After Posting ‘Word Of Advise’ To The Ladies

12 April of 2019 by

Social media is awash with facts, quotes, and opinions and everyone with an account has a say over every single event that happens.

Comedian and radio personality Jalang’o shared a long post on his Instagram account addressing the current discussion on female killings that’s become rampant in Kenya.

In the post, which he later pulled down, Jalang’o suggests that women should ask men what they want at the start of any relationship/situation ship to determine if they meet the obligations or not. He advised the ladies that men are born investors and the moment they splurge on a lady, they do expect something in return. If a lady is not ready to reciprocate she should chatter her own lifestyle.

Here’s a screenshot of the post that’s been doing round on Twitter:

These comments did not sit well with many. The ladies argue that their safety is not guaranteed in this country no matter what they do. The unison call is men to do better and live like humans.

Sample some of the responses and reaction to Jalango’s post:



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