Jahmby Koikai Narrates How She Battled Unemployment Alongside Endometriosis

Her battle with endometriosis is a story familiar to many and after years of fighting and surviving the illness, Jahmby Koikai has been working towards rebuilding her brand.

Even with victory on her side, the Reggae queen who doubles up as a media personality has been sharing reflective episodes with her fans on how the illness affected her life and career.

In a recent post, Jahmby revealed how she struggled through 5 years of unemployment after she lost all her jobs due to her condition and the fact that she was frequently admitted in the hospital.

“I lost all my jobs in 2015. I’ve been off formal employment for 5 years. In the last 4 years, I’ve been in and out of hospital battling a grueling journey.” She wrote

According to Jahmby, hell broke lose for her when she fell victim to mass firing at the media house she was working for.

She admits how difficult it was to nurse her grandmother who was diagnosed with cancer (and later succumbed to it)  before she got her endometriosis diagnosis.

This season felt like a pandemic-like situation for Jahmby and she explains how she has been struggling to get back on her feet ever since.

The endometriosis survivor was seemingly prompted to share her experience following the mass firing at K24 and Royal Media Services that affected her fellow journalist.

“To my fellow journalists, who’ve lost their jobs in this season, it’s raw. It’s painful. Friends will disown you. You will be lonely. Feel the pain. Acknowledge it but don’t let it crush you.” reads her post in part

Jahmby has encouraged those who were laid off to remain hopeful and consider using social media platforms to share their content and explore other areas of interest.






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