Jaguar to Pressure Government to Increase Local Music Play

Singer turned politician Charles Njagua Kanyi, aka Jaguar will not just follow the ongoing “Play Kenyan music” debate online but will also use his position in the government to make sure artists pleas are heard.

Jaguar, speaking at his constituency during the weekend when he distributed bursaries and sponsorship to at least 60 students from disadvantaged families, said media had failed to honor a bill passed three years ago.

“The Kenya Music Policy draft Bill stipulating that radio stations should play 60 per cent local music came into place in 2015 and media houses asked for three years to align with the policy,” said Jaguar.

For the better part of last week, artists, presenters and fans in general have been in a heated debate on why Kenyan music is not on the local radio stations.

Artists believe presenter and DJs have sidelined them for Nigerian and Bongo music. DJs and presenters on the hand say Kenyan music lack content a reason why they don’t bother playing it. Fans were split between the two, with many confessing they’re guilty of being addicted to foreign content.

Artists have been pressuring Jaguar to intervene through the parliament but Jaguar wants Communications Commission of Kenya to first implement what they agreed in 2015.

“When I hear artistes asking me to intervene through Parliament, what comes to mind is that the Communications Commission of Kenya should enforce this. This is what I am working towards… ensuring that local artistes are protected,” Jaguar said in an interview with SDE.

Entertainment Journalist