Jaguar Explains Why Labels Struggle In Kenya

Singer and politician Jaguar has issued a cautionary message to Guardian Angel, a gospel artist, regarding his newly launched music label, 7 Heaven Music.

Jaguar expressed concerns that the label may face closure if the artists signed under it do not put in the required effort.

The closure of music labels shortly after their establishment is not an unfamiliar occurrence in Kenya. Over the years, a number of music labels in the pop and gospel scene have shut down within a mere five years of their inception.

Jaguar emphasizes that the survival of a music label in Kenya is contingent on the commitment and hard work of the artists under the label.

“The moment artists are signed to a label, they tend to become complacent, often avoiding the hard work required. I have conveyed this message to Guardian Angel and the artists he has signed; if they do not put in the necessary effort, it will be a futile endeavor. Being signed to a label is just 40% of the equation; the remaining 60% depends on the dedication of the artists,” Jaguar emphasized.

EMB Records, founded by Bahati, was among those labels that closed their doors after just three years. Bahati cited a lack of support and industry-related animosity as factors contributing to the demise.

Another example is Otile Brown’s Just In Love Music label, which unfortunately folded despite introducing talented artist Lexsil to the scene.

Nadia Mukami’s Sevens Creative Hub label no longer signs artists, with Nadia herself stating that it had become an expensive and frustrating endeavor, especially when dealing with signed artists who proved challenging.

Nadia briefly introduced her first signee, Latinoh, but their collaboration was short-lived. Even Grand Pa, which had dominated the airwaves with numerous hit records, eventually succumbed to the challenges and became unsustainable.

Jaguar also points out that a contributing factor to artists’ complacency after signing with labels is their unrealistic expectations.

“Many labels have faced challenges, primarily due to the artists themselves. Most artists have unreasonable expectations once they are signed, anticipating that the label will provide everything, including a house, a car, and even a spouse. This mindset has been detrimental to our music labels,” he added.

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