Is Shop Zetu The Next Big Thing In Kenyan Fashion?

It is difficult not to examine brands under a COVID -19 lense. While we are all making adjustments as individuals, the pandemic has also been affecting businesses and brands. Brands like Zoom and delivery apps have grown by leaps and bounds, hitting targets they would have taken longer to reach if the world did not change.

The global pandemic has led to the rise of more e-commerce systems to facilitate the maintenance of sales for brands. Since the government directives such as curfews and social distancing, we have had to change the way we shop,” says fashion stylist Wendy Wangui.

“Brands like Shop Zetu, a Kenyan multi-brand platform retailing fashion accessories, clothes and beauty items, which launched pre-COVID, will and should be on our radar.”

Here are some facts about Shop Zetu:

  • It provides a platform for African brands and heavily supports the local fashion industry by providing a market for complimentary local brands.
  • Kipato Unbranded , El Afrique ,Vivo Woman, Vintara, Ajani, Kidosho, Guo Studio, Sowarinia by Vivo, Pauline Cosmetics, Shkwela, Mandevu, and Zetu are some of the brands listed.

Zetu, a sister brand to Vivo Woman, launched in December of 2019; it is a wonderful mix of trendy and simple basics for both men and women that are youthful and fun. The approach towards introducing Zetu to the market has surely been a great thing to watch. We love how bold their strategy towards its target audience is.

Using funky and trendy ways like the use of Tik Tok to show the different ways their outfits can be styled. It is brilliant if you ask me because it makes the brand more relatable to their audience who also enjoying Tik Tok, especially during this time where a good number of us have become Tiktokers.

Is Shop Zetu going to become the big thing that Kenyan fashion needs?

Happy shopping!!

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