Is Kagwe Mungai Officially Off The Market?

Kagwe Mungai is definitely a favorite when it comes to the ladies. He’s the full package. Tall, attractive and talented. It’s that pretty boy face, that attractive smile and he looks like a man who knows how to take care of himself judging by his fashion sense.

While most ladies still have hope in their heart that the 26-year old is still out there and ready to mingle, a certain picture that we have in our possession seems to state otherwise.

Kagwe Mungai was photographed in his bathrobe with a mystery girl who doesn’t seem to be wearing much either and they seem pretty cosy and familiar (if you know what I mean) with each other.  It could be nothing but you know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Kagwe and Girl

What do you think? Is Kagwe Mungai off the market much to the displeasure of  many hopefuls or is this just a ploy? If he really is involved with someone, who is she?

Kagwe has remained silent about the speculations and was unreachable at the time of publishing.

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