Exclusive: Xtatic Speaks On “Are You That Somebody”

Singer, Songwriter, and Actress, Aaliyah, would have been 38 years old yesterday and to commemorate this, Giselle and Xtatic teamed up to release a remix of her song Are You That Somebody. The song earned Aaliyah her first Grammy nomination for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance back in 1999 and was recorded for the Dr. Dolittle movie soundtrack.

Cuban-American singer, Giselle Bellas was all praise on her Facebook page when talking about Xtatic saying, “Teamed up XTATIC for a cover of #Aaliyah’s #AreYouThatSomebody. Besides being absolutely stunning, she is incredibly talented. If you don’t know her, don’t wait any longer! Share the love any way you can!”

KenyanVibe caught up with Xtatic for this EXCLUSIVE!

KV: Brand new song out, does its release mean that your contract with Sony is up?

Xtatic: Not Really. This was just a collaboration for a cover. The contract does end in a few months. April to be exact. Regardless of the contract, I could, however, release my own music this year.

KV: Will you?

Xtatic: Yes. A collaborative album may also be on the way along with one other independent album/EP.

KV: A collaborative album with Giselle?

Xtatic: Nope. That, I will reveal a little later.

KV: What should we expect to hear from you?

Xtatic: A lot of new sound! It’ll be a very experimental project that I’m really excited about. It’ll be fun and hopefully, make a statement. We don’t have a lot of full collaborative in Africa, so it will be unique.

KV: So this cover …you must be a really big Aaliyah fan!

Xtatic: Yes I am. In fact, I have two new songs that I’ll be releasing later on that have a few Aaliyah melodies.

KV: Working with Giselle on this, how did that come about?

Xtatic:   Well, I know Giselle from the Audio Engineer/Producer who worked on my Mixtape in 2015, Adam (Tilzer.) I loved her voice (Giselle) from before and when they hit me up about working together I couldn’t have been more excited!

Check out the video here:

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