Internet Sensation Mitumba Man Lands Ambassadorial Deal

By now you must have bumped into Sande Mayau, popularly known as mitumba man along the internet streets.

The 28-year-old came to the limelight for hilariously marketing mitumba clothing in Kisumu.

Genius Marketing Strategy

Sande became an instant hit on Social Media with his comedic and satirical marketing strategy, giving hilarious possible scenarios for his clothing options.

Mtumba Man Lands Lucrative deal with Devine Collection

Recently, Sande bagged a deal with a top Men’s fashion company, Devine Collection.

Sande, also known as “Mayau dream chaser” was immediately flown to Nairobi on Wednesday via the newly launched Renegade air ahead of his Partnership with Devine Collection.

Details of Mtumba Man’s deal with Devine Collection

In an interview with Jalang’o on Thursday, Sande revealed he has been offered a five-year contract with Devine Collection.

Mayau dream chaser will become the main brand ambassador of Devine Collection and will be dressed, receive a monthly salary as well as accommodation from the company.

On his Mitumba business, Sande said, “I like doing it, it is all about accepting your job, being proud of it. If you entertain your customers they will promote you. The more you entertain a lady, the more they buy,”