International Lipstick Day: Kenyan Owned Lipstick Brands To Try

There’s a different kind of pride that comes when we see or use Kenyan-owned brands. And today being “lipstick day”, we had to celebrate our own.

The number of beautypreneurs venturing into the billion shilling industry has significantly grown. The OGs are adding more and more products for us to choose from and new brands are launching top-quality products each day. Unlike, the international space where celebs are more prominent, right here at home, only a few influencers have released beauty brands.

Check out these Kenyan lipstick brands:

Benji Cosmetics

We will claim Benji as our own as the founder Aker Benji is based in Kenya. They describe themselves as an “African Beauty Brand creating FUN, QUALITY makeup products for the African woman!” Aker is a great ambassador for her products and her passion for beauty speaks for itself.

Canvas Cosmetics

Almost a year ago, our fave beauty influencers wouldn’t stop raving about Canva Cosmetics products and a whole year later the brand still continues to thrive. Such a fun and vibrant brand that prides itself on being cruelty-free, high quality, and affordable.

Crayon and Ink

How cool is this brand name? With shade names like “Kenyan girl” “huru” and “heena”, this is a proudly Kenyan affair. Check out this swatch for all the beautiful shades in their range.

Golden Lips Cosmetics

Golden Lips Cosmetics takes things a notch higher offering the go-to shades and other exciting shades such as orange and lip liners too. Lip liners are essential for achieving a perfect lip look.

Hudddah Cosmetics

Huddah’s cosmetic line continues to feature in many Kenyan women’s makeup routines due to her choice of shades, consistent distribution and marketing. Huddah was also among the first people to introduce matte lippies to the Kenyan market.

Hues and Tones

Hues and Tones is yet another brand that comes with variety and guarantees you quality too. There’s a shade for every mood or occasion you can think of.

Joanna K Cosmetics

Joanna K capitalized on her social media topped up with her passion for beauty to create her own brand that checks off all the boxes.

Joy Lips

Scrolling through Joy Lips’ Instagram will have you admiring just how lovely their lippies suit women of all complexions. They aspire to create products that celebrate diversity in beauty; inspired by their Kenyan roots.

O’Asante Beauty

Newly launched O’Asante beauty is here to act as a reminder for self gratitude to Women paying homage to their beauty. They sell both cream and matte lippies which we like.

Pauline’s Cosmetics Beauty

Pauline’s Cosmetics is one of the premier Kenyan beauty brands. Recently they have worked with media personalities such as Caroline Mutoko to launch new lip ranges.

Suzie Beauty

If you have been a makeup lover for a minute you know how iconic Suzie Beauty lipsticks were and still are.

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