Inside SmartGyms Perfectly Tech-Fit World

What do we expect from a gym in 2017? Scented towels? Fancy equipment? Your choice of gym says something about you – your taste, your goals, your bodily ideal… Choose Smart!

Choosing a gym membership is a matter of understanding what you want, how much you can spend; and how the two compare. When Nairobi’s biggest fitness gym opened at the Junction Mall earlier this year, residents of the swanky neighbourhood and surroundings signed up in droves. Within months, SmartGyms Kenya has become the most popular gym with nearly 3000 members signed in less than four months, its opening. The gyms rates of Ksh3,500 per month and Ksh1,000 joining fee may be a very attractive offer, plus the size (huge) which is equipped with the latest Life Fitness equipment.

Why call it Smart, you may ask? Combine computer technology with fitness and you get a ‘smart gym’. Smart gyms are supposed to give a more personalized and efficient workout. It may look like a typical workout routine but a little computer screen on the equipment can make a big difference to give you an optimal workout. These screens on the Life Fitness equipment monitor your heart rate, count your calories to give you optimum results while being your own fitness coach. In addition, before being a member one has to sign in through the gyms app, where you get to book for classes in advance (I learned that the hard way while signing up for spin class) #bookinadvance, schedule a personal training session plus the membership microchip cards are too high tech.

Before we go all futuristic! Now, remember, this is still like a normal gym – but way cooler. Imagine crushing your fitness goals in one of the most fun and intense group training classes (Spin cycle, Core Synergy and 254Blast are my favourites) and then spending the day you don’t attend your classes using the cardio equipment, personal training, full line of strength training equipment and free weights are always available…WIN. If you already have a fitness routine that you love, the gym is there to offer equipment and the friendly fitness staff can always answer your toughest fitness questions. In addition, you can sign into the app and select whichever instructor for your personal fitness needs.

There’s no club quite like a gym. Everyone in there is working towards something, whether it’s losing weight, building bulk, training for a competition, networking or making friends. I remember my first week at SmartGyms I awestruck; the number of celebrities flocking in is definitely overwhelming. From musicians, TV anchors, athletes and so many more. It’s a party!

Besides all that, the number one goal at SmartGyms is to get you the real fitness goals you want and deserve. Opened every single day including holidays from 5am to 10pm, it is suited for everyone’s busy schedule. So what are you waiting for? If you want to get in the best shape of your life you’ll need to work out Smart!