Inside Showmax’s New Content Ahead of Its February Revamp

In a dynamic fusion of colors and cultures, Showmax is set to redefine the Kenyan and African streaming experience with its much-anticipated February relaunch. The African streaming giant, jointly owned by MultiChoice and Comcast, is gearing up for a metamorphosis that promises not only a sleek new look but also a diverse content slate that speaks to the heart of Kenyan audiences.

African Originals: A Local Flavor Explosion

Come February 2024, Showmax will be unveiling a record-breaking 21 Showmax Originals from the heart of Africa, spanning across four countries. Kenyan viewers can eagerly anticipate the return of the beloved drama series “Single Kiasi,” a homegrown sensation that weaves the tapestry of Kenyan narratives with both familiar faces and fresh talent.

But the local flavor doesn’t stop there. Showmax is bringing adaptations of South African bestsellers to the Kenyan audience, including Angela Makholwa’s gripping thriller “Red Ink.” For crime drama enthusiasts, the series “Koek” promises to offer a thrilling narrative that resonates with the diverse Kenyan audience.

Reality TV takes a front-row seat with the return of favorites like “The Mommy Club” and “The Real Housewives of Durban.” Additionally, Kenyan viewers can immerse themselves in the intriguing world of “Youngins,” a high school drama that captures the essence of African youth, that their Kenyan counterparts will relate to.

Global Hits and Peacock’s Magic Touch

Showmax’s collaboration with Comcast ensures an unparalleled international content lineup that transcends borders. The inclusion of blockbuster hits like “Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning” and “Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse” brings Hollywood’s magic directly to Kenyan screens.

The migration onto the global Peacock streaming platform adds an extra layer of excitement for Kenyan viewers. With content available in HD and Dolby 5.1 surround sound, Showmax aims to elevate the streaming experience. This move aligns with Peacock’s success in sports streaming, a promising aspect for Kenyan sports enthusiasts eager to catch thrilling matches and analyses.

Showmax Premier League: Scoring Big in Kenya

For football aficionados in Kenya, Showmax is revolutionizing the game with the introduction of the Showmax Premier League. This standalone live mobile streaming plan promises exclusive access to all 380 Premier League matches, offering Kenyan viewers a front-row seat to the drama, goals, and unmissable moments of the world’s most popular football league—all conveniently on mobile devices.

Showmax Premier League will give individual mobile users in Kenya exclusive live access to every Premier League match, as well as in-depth analyses, highlights, and an extensive library of Premier League content on their mobile devices, a game-changer for Kenyan football enthusiasts.

CEO Marc Jury’s Vision for 2024

CEO Marc Jury shares his excitement for the year ahead, stating, “2024 is a big year for Showmax. We will be kicking it off with a content slate packed with world-class entertainment from the world’s biggest brands plus more African Originals than ever before and the first-ever mobile Premier League plan for Kenya.”

As Showmax unveils its revamped offerings, Kenyan viewers can expect three distinct plans: Showmax Entertainment, Showmax Entertainment Mobile, and the much-anticipated Showmax Premier League Mobile. Details on pricing and launch dates will be unveiled soon, promising a tailored experience for Kenyan streaming enthusiasts.