Inside Sauti Sol’s 2022 European Tour

Sauti Sol kicked off their 2022 European tour, and it is safe to say it’s a fun affair for the Boys and fans.

Dubbed the Midnight Experience, the tour kicked off in Spain where Barcelona revellers sang along to hits from the group’s fifth album.

Sneak Peak into Sauti Sol’s European Tour Bus

The band mates have been sharing their tour experiences as they travel across Europe.

Savara gave an exterior look at their tour bus, as Chimano gave a look inside the recreational vehicle, where they sleep and tour Europe.

The Band continued to share highlights of their tour.

Fancy Fingers shared the group is set to perform in a sold-out Brussels show.

The guitarist wrote, “My happy dance knowing that our Brussels show is sold out.”

The Rhumba Toto singer also shared how challenging it is to exercise while on the tour, writing;

“About 3 hrs ago we safely arrived in Madrid, and the first agenda of the day, get in some exercise!”

He added, “It’s not easy at all to work out on the raod, with no regular access to the gym, a tight schedule and long bus drives across the cities every night. But getting 20 minutes of exercise every day goes a long way in keeping us safe and sane.”

The group is performing in 20 venues across Europe, in 25 days.