Inside Kate Actress Fairy Nairobi Crowning Brunch in honor of Netflix ‘Queen Charlotte: A Bridgeton Story’

On Wednesday, April 13th, Kate Actress hosted, a fairy brunch in honor of Netflix, Queen Charlotte: A Bridgeton Story Series.

Kenyan Film and Music Elites Dress to the nines at Nairobi’s Crowning Brunch

In attendance were Kenyan film and music elites including Chimano and his bandmate’s (Fancy Finger) better half, Lady Mandy who were all dressed to the tee.

Singer and actress Patricia Kihoro, Jackie Matubia, Blessing Lung’aho, The Trend’s Amina Abdi, Shikie and her husband Shiv, as well as Sheila Kwambox also came dressed to the nines.

Speaking on the event, Kate Actress said it was an honor to host the Nairobi Crowning Brunch.

“With permission from her royal majesty #QueenCharlotte , it was an absolute honor and pleasure to host the Nairobi crowning brunch in preparation for the big day.”

Adding, “#QueenCharlotte premieres 4th May on #Netflix STAY TUNED!”

The Disconnect actress hinted at attending Crowning Brunch in another city.

“Still reeling over the Nairobi crowning brunch courtesy of her majesty #QueenCharlotte.

Our bags are ready to meet her. Guess the city she has summoned us to?” She wrote.

Azziad Invited to Crowing Brunch Cape Town

The Crowing Bruch Cape Town is set to take place, and Social Media Star Azziad Nasenya is among the invitees.

Sharing the news on her socials, Azziad wrote ….

“Queen Charlotte has invited me to Cape Town to celebrate her reign with the rest of Africa. I can’t wait!”

Kate Actress and Tanzanian Actor Idris Sultan who jetted out of the country, will also likely be in attendance alongside South African stars.