Inside Ferdinand Omanyala’s Adidas Deal and An Exceptional 2021

2021 was definitely a great year for Kenya Sports breakout star; Ferdinand Omanyala.

From becoming the first Kenyan to qualify for semi finals at Olympics, to joining sub 10 club, and becoming the fastest man in Africa with a time of 9.77, 2021 was Omanyala’s playbook.

We caught up with the sprinter as the year winds up.

In one word, the 25 year old describes 2021 as a Blessing.

“Everything I’ve always wanted in life, all the prayers and dreams I’ve had, have all been answered in one year.”

Formally a Rugby player, Omanyala realised he was fast and got intrested in sprinting after someone pointed out there’s always an Athletics program in Kenya.

“I had passion, I knew I had speed and was looking at Videos on the Internet.”

“I saw people making a career out of this sport so I decided to pursue it,” he narrates how he got into sprinting.

“Though the journey was hard, I knew one day I’ll be successful in sprint.” He points out.

Ferdinand Omanyala

Ferdinand Omanyala Adidas Deal

Ferdinand Omanyala secured sponsorships, including the latest signing to giant sports wear Adidas.

“It’s a very good deal and I feel good about it”

“They are going to support me for the next four years, and they are making my life comfortable,” he added.

“They are giving me enough cash to sustain myself and my family, to travel, and there are bonuses coming in when I perfom well.”

In an enthusiatic voice he adds “And the Kitting is very good.”

“All I have to do is work hard, run, train, compete, enjoy the sport and enjoy the support that comes with it.”

The track star says he’s looking ahead to breaking more records in 2022.

“I am looking forward too all these championships, and just having expirience to compete, travel around the world and enjoy what I am doing because it’s passion.”

Omanyala asserted his confidence saying every race he runs in 2022 is going to be a record breaking race.

“I’m looking forward to breaking records again next year, and I believe every race I’m going to run is going to be a record breaking race.”