Influencer Nancie Mwai To Officially Shut Down ‘New Level’

Influencer Nancy Mwai is officially shutting down her clothing line and business ‘New Level’ after three years in operation.

On social media, Mwai announced that the brand will be shutting down on May 14 as it transitions from being a clothesline to a beauty brand.

The shop is also set to close down and will be working exclusively online.

“Hey Squad! NL will transition from being primarily a fashion brand to being a beauty brand. Meaning we will no longer produce clothes. I’m grateful to everyone that has supported NL from our die hard clients to our online besties. Your support has not gone unnoticed. We love you from the bottom of our hearts,” she said.

She went on:

“It will take a couple of months to fully transition, kindly be patient with us. The store closes on Thursday, May 4th however the website still remains. I’m super excited for the next chapter of NL and you know we never disappoint when it comes to our beauty launches. Watch this space.”

Last year in December, the content creator was roasted by Kenyans online following her prank gone wrong about closing the shop.

In the surprising post, Mwai joked about closing the shop something that Kenyans didn’t appreciate.

Early this year, Mwai also announced that she was leaving the fashion industry citing frustrations regarding counterfeits and pricing of designs.

“I would spend a whole day here if I started recapping my designs that have been stolen since I started designing in 2019. I don’t have time,” she said, adding that she is done.

“For now, I am out of this Kenyan fashion industry. Y’all win. Peace.”

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