Industry Nite “Lover Rock Edition” In Pictures

The season of hearts and flowers is officially here and people are quick on the switchover to be veiled in red but also the music is adapting to February. Organizers of Industry Nite had this in mind yesterday when they went all out on a ‘Lovers Rock Edition”.

This went down Thursday night at the usual spot Galileo Lounge Westlands and the acts on the bill were nothing short of amazing. Live band on set ensured the mood was on a different scale.

I’ve got to applaud the organizers for always digging deep and finding artists who have not been on the scene for a minute and having them perform their once hit records. On The line up were some heavy hitters in the game like Wyre The Love Child, Ousmane, Lyrical Erico, Shamir, Jivu, Kelma Shiko, Royalty By Black, Le Band and Beracca Kisia.

I was very excited to see Lyrical Erico on stage. With his remix hit Bambika alongside Shanky Radics, once he hit the stage, he really has the same energy as before.

Ousmane, the man with the voice for the ladies was also hype on his set. His songs already speaking to the ladies, he effortlessly went through his catalogue of bangers like ‘Dunda’, ‘VIP Love’ and ‘Nuks’ with good reception.

Sanaipei Tande aka Sana who recently re-invented her career with Mfalme Wa Mapenzi was amazing as well. Her songs like Najuta, Niwe Wako, and Kwaheri were well flavored. She also had new music which is set to be on her EP dropping soon.

Wyre is undoubtedly the king of reggae in the country. No one comes close to his catalog of reggae infused hits, collaborations with Jamaican stars like Morgan heritage, Cecil, Jemere and some top producers as well. So when he is on stage, his show spans from days of Necessary Noise to his latest hits like ‘Kingston Girl’, ‘Love guarantee’, ‘Uprising’ or maybe Work and Play.

Lovers Rock Edition attracted some stars as well. Joe Makini from Tanzania was in the house, Fena, Singer Phy, C2K among others. All in all the performances were top notch and you can note some sponsors are pulling in to support Industry Nite. Among the notable brands present was Sky Vodka and Redbull showing that there is a chance to make the Kenya Music scene something tangible.

All images courtesy of Koome Gitobu For Industry Nite




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