Inaugural Kibera Fashion Week A Great Success

Since way back, human beings need and thrive on events that bring them together. Fashion shows are such vibrant moments where we not only get to take in beautiful models and clothes but also help those behind them make a living and improve our style.

David Avido also known as Looks Like Avido is a fashion designer and changemaker who is proud of his roots which happen to be in Kibera.

Being a fashion crusader in Kenya is no easy fete honestly but Avido seems to be doing it his own way and gaining remarkable ground.

He recently held the first Kibera Fashion Week that as he says brought together designers, creatives, artisans, and even Bodaboda riders from Kibera and Nairobi to collectively launch a new sustainable, de-colonial, and inclusive vision of fashion and build a strong network for ethical fashion in Nairobi.
“By centering itself in the community heart of Kibera it subverts global hierarchies. We see this both as an opportunity to create a captivating cultural program focusing on important contemporary questions such as sustainability, but also to realize the potential of the local fashion scene and leave a lasting economic impact, through expanding local markets, enhancing production capacity, and supporting new Africa Brands.”

From the pictures on social media, the production was next level and the show was magical.

“Our runway was the east Africa railway line that cuts in the middle of Kibera. As we mentioned before we brought together artisans, Fashion designers, and different creatives like Bodaboda riders, and welders who gave us a unique ambiance celebrating the creativity of our Community and owning our Richness.
Kibra is home to creatives and talents. The event not only brought good limelight to Kibera but also celebrated our dynamic nature, our creativity, and native cultures highlighting how wonderful things can arise from differences when diverse talents from communities come together. Thanks so much to our amazing partners @goethe_kenya @eunicglobal @nairobidesignweek” and talent @jessylesley @bankslave100 @eddu_barber_yao @letoya_johnstone among others” , adds Avido.

Sharing more images on Instagram, Avido shares more of his thoughts on fashion in Kenya. “Lookslikeavido didn’t showcase any of their work but hosted all the artisans involved, designers, Bodaboda riders, models, and welders. Instead, we coached them in achieving better quality in stitching and their designs. We didn’t charge them any amount to showcase their work but instead motivated them by paying them to create and express there work and how they feel about their Kibera Culture. The event was open to the public to experience. Creativity is not about competition but about creating collaborations that lift and motivate other creatives. We all have to eat!”


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