In Pursuit Of Purpose: Discover Your Reason For Existence

All of us are born with a predetermined purpose within us. The only difference among us is the discovery of our specific purpose, the successful and relentless pursuit of the same.

The most unfortunate disservice to humanity is the lack of discovery, misalignment and the lack of fulfillment of your calling. As Myles Munroe put it; ” The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but a life without purpose”.

Why is purpose so important you may ask? Simply put, it is the answer to life questions, it is life in itself. It is the reason for life.

Purpose can simply be defined as our reason for existence. How about we get you one step closer to your reason for being?

How to discover your purpose;

Consult your maker

If you want to fully understand the workings of a thing say for instance a gadget or appliance, you read the manual right? The manual is written by the manufacturer. I have never seen someone looking to understand how a Samsung phone works by reading an iPhone manual. Simply put, the world didn’t create you so it can’t define you. Contact your maker, and find out his vision for you and how to fulfill it.

Study where you best thrive

A fish thrives in water, ask it to run and you will label it a failure. The same applies to you, what are your passions? What drives you? Introspect and establish which environment you thrive in.

Check around your giftings

Gifts are those things we carry within us that come to us naturally without having trained. For instance; plaiting hair without having learned. They are the inherent natural coding within us and can indicate one’s line of purpose.

Seek professional help

Consider walking with a coach. We also have tests that can help unearth your purpose.

A wise man once said, find what you love doing and you will never work for a day in your life. Discover your purpose and start living and not just getting by.

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