In Pictures: Nyege Nyege Festival Day 1

I have spent the last three days on the banks of river Nile, surrounded by 10 acres of lush tropical forest, dancing to the best of contemporary African music from North, South, West and East Africa at the the second edition of Nyege Nyege Festival.

Nyege Nyege is the uncontrollable urge to dance and with two stages decked out with state of the art sound systems, the Bell Stage and the Eternal Disco stage, the Nyege Nyege vibe was in full effect from Day 1.

Headliners included the grandfather of African electronic music, Mamman Sani from Niger, Joey le Soldat, one of the most powerful Hip Hop performers on the continent from Burkina Faso, Ghanaian/Mozambiquan duo Gato Preto, multidisciplinary Senegalese artist Ibaaku, Jomaaga(Joey le Soldat,Gan Gah and Max le Daron) from Burkina Faso and Malian Balani pioneer Luka Production.

The festival also brought together the finest sounds of the Kenyan and Ugandan underground scene with performances from Blinky Bill, The Dons, EA Wave, Binti Afrika, Lady Slyke, Albert Ssempeke, Otim Alpha, Tetu Shani, Yellow Light Machine, Cosmic Homies, Kaya Collective and Shoeshine Bwoy, Blessed San, Undercover brothers and Lawrence Okello.

Check out some of the pictures from Day 1.


Crowd feeling Nyege Nyege

EA Wave

Phil Battiekh

Shoeshine Bwoy

Binti Afrika 2

Jomaaga 2

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