In Pictures: Nyege Nyege Day 3

After three days of non stop musical celebration, Nyege Nyege sadly had to come to an end. I was really looking forward to watch MC ZULU, a Chicago-based musician best known for his fusion of Reggae vocals with various forms of World, Electronic Dance Music. I was also looking forward to see Rocky B with his latest project Tropikal Camel, a sonic journey into the urban sound of middle eastern/North African futurism. An original fusion between traditional Arabic music with cutting edge electronic sounds. Mixing the past and the future, melting the sounds of Kurdistan and Morocco, Jerusalem and Berlin. And Ibaaku with his Afro-hypnotic experimental sounds.

Nyege Nyege takes its inspiration from the legendary world festival of the black arts’ that took place in Dakar Senegal in 1966. An extended invitation from Uganda to the world. The Nyege Nyege Festival was organized by Boutiq Foundation and Talent Africa. Boutiq Foundation is a community based organization that seeks to develop the local arts and culture industry by creating opportunities for upcoming artists while connecting underground acts from around the continent to create, collaborate and radiate. Talent Africa is a leading events and entertainment company known for putting on some of the biggest events in the East African region

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